What Is The Two-Cup Method? (Law of Attraction Technique)

The two cup manifestation method

If life operated in a magical way; that when big life changes occur, it means you’ve jumped to a new dimension, or that even small, little shifts in atmosphere, in vibration and in energy indicate that you’ve been gently nudged by the universe to a close dimension. Within all of this, everything is the same, except…not quite.

The above paragraph is what believers of the two-cup method of manifesting think might be happening behind the scenes.

This manifesting technique or as some call it, reality shifting/dimension jumping, has been gaining popularity for some time now and might just be the next new thing.

Due to its increasing popularity, I wanted to make sure I tell you guys my thoughts and my take on the two-cup method and introduce it to any of you who haven’t heard about it yet.

What Is the two cup method?

The manifesting technique called the two-cup method is a  just like any others that you have heard of in the past but, this one delves into the concept of dimension jumping plus it can be used with the law of attraction.

Those who believe in this concept have called on the multiverse or many worlds theories to support it.

2 cup method

David Scott a proponent of this technique states that: “The concept of the multi-verse implies that all possible alternate histories and futures are real, each representing an actual “world” (or “universe”). Or in other words, the hypothesis states there is a very large—perhaps infinite—number of universes, and everything that could possibly have happened in our past, but did not, has occurred in the past of some other universe or universes.” And based on my understanding, “there are some quantum physicists who theorized that anything that can happen, has happened and is happening.”

So according to all of this, every possibility has been taken, in a different universe or a different dimension. If this is true, then we are potentially living in countless other dimensions at the same exact time as we live in this current dimension, living lives that are completely different or even just a little bit different.

When you visit the spirituality community, many people have taken these theories and applied them to their understanding of the laws of our universe. It is from these theories that dimension jumping or reality shifting comes in.

The spiritual community believes that, the universe is constantly, gently nudging us from dimension to dimension, based on what frequency we’re attuned to. Furthermore, if you finally align to the dimension you desire to be in, life feels overall better, because you have finally landed in the dimension you desire.

Knowing the concept of the law of attraction allows us to consciously shift reality and jump between dimensions. So basically, what this all means is that intentions can affect outcome.

If you think about it right, this could also explain feelings of deja vu; just imagine that you jump between dimensions, but the timing is a bit off, so you replay a moment.

Although to be fair, this is all speculation and based on empirical evidence and there have not been any scientific studies conducted on this. But this shouldn't bother you. Most things that have to do with the metaphysical haven't been proved by science neither have they been disproved. For those of you who have experienced changes in your life based on techniques like this, you shiue bothered too.

The whole concept of dimensional jumping is moving from one dimension to the next, and when we use the law of attraction, we set an intention that will move us to the dimension we desire, if we align that dimension’s frequency with our own vibration and energy.

At this point, this is where the two-cup method comes in. Although one can find different variations of this, I will tell you the one that I find the most effective.


Two-cup Method Steps

two cup manifestation

For two-cup method of manifesting, you need two cups.

  1. Leave one cup empty and fill the other with water that you can drink, next label the two cups. The cup filled water represents your current situation, while the one without the water will be the situation you desire to see yourself in, or desired situation.
  2. Now let's say you are single and want to be in a relationship, the full cup of water will have a label that describes your current reality: “single, lonely, whatever it is that you feel.”
  3. Now the cup that's empty will have a label that describes your desired reality: “in a wonderful, happy, committed relationship.”
  4. After doing all this correctly, sit with these two cups for a short moment, and think about how you feel about your current reality. After feeling relaxed, think about how you will feel when you manifest your desired situation and experience.
  5. Keep visualizing those positive feelings, and take the full cup of water and pour it into the empty one. As you do this, be very present and mindful, notice the sound and sensation of the filling of the previously empty cup.
  6. Take some time to contemplate the new state of the glasses, and continue to feel those good feelings. Now try and imagine the relief that you would be feeling – you have just set an intention and tuned yourself to the frequency of the reality you desire. Once this is all done, you should drink that cup of water.
  7. Make sure you drink every last drop and feel happy and excited that you have now attracted to you the situation, resources, and events that will lead you to the exact reality you desire.


Get rid of the other label, and hold on to the desired label. Alright, you're done, you just shifted your reality and jumped dimensions.

law of attraction

You can also find another variation of this method but this the one I chose. There are individuals that might have an extremely negative “current” situation, meaning the label put on their full glass might be tainting the water with all that negative energy. However, if this is your situation, fill both glasses of water and do the same thing – drink the one with the desired label, then the one with the current label, pour the water down the sink and rip up the label.

The above example should work better for anyone with extremely unpleasant “before” situations.

So now to answer the question I know I’m going to get – no, this isn’t spell-casting or some magic trick. The above technique is just reality shifting, which is what you do every day if you practice the law of attraction, and it naturally happens to us super often in our lives without our awareness. This is just a way to guide it ourselves.

As I have said before, please do make sure to focus on high vibrational thoughts before drinking the water, and if you’re feeling anything heavily negative, you would just walk away from the process and try again on a day that you feel much better. While it's not probable that anything bad will necessarily happen, I just think that a lot of people will feel anxious that they’re not doing it right if they have doubts or negative emotion, so I just advise to start over another time.

Frequently, lots of people ask how many times they have to do this and I say; once, for each manifestation. A person does not need to do it more than that, it’s already going to work. Doing it multiple times will send out vibrations of lack.

Alright, it's time for you to go and enjoy this, it’s supposed to be FUN, like the rest of the processes just like it.


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