Master The Game With These 7 Techniques Of Manifestation

Do you want to learn some new techniques of manifestation? Do you want to boost your productivity and achieve your goals? If your answer is “YES!”, then you need to learn from the best source to hopefully achieve your dreams.

Manifestation power can do great things if it was used in the right way. But to make things a reality, there is a long, lonely, hard path you need to cross first.

What Is Manifestation?


Manifestation can be defined as the power of bringing tangible things into our lives through belief and attraction.

But, what does that mean in a real-life scenario? Let's say that your dream is becoming an actor/actress, by using the manifestation technique you can keep telling yourself with what you want continuously hoping for a result. In other words, manifestation can be seen as mirroring your deepest dreams and ambitious desires to pure reality. But, does it work? Is manifestation a dream-come-true method? or is it just a scam?

The answer is: “YES!” manifestation works but you need to define your goals and use the expert methods to achieve it. This article will be the leader you want to make the most out of manifestation.

Why Do You Want To Start With Manifestation?

The “why” question is the most important in the process, yet, it's the one most people forget about. “Why?” why do you want to manifest? Is it because of a friend's recommendation? Did you hear about manifestation in a blog post, book, or a Monday night TV show? Or do you believe in the power of manifestation from a long time ago but you were lacking the pro-tips to make things happen?

The way you can approach manifestation through isn't a fixed one-road way, everyone approaches the power of manifestation in his/her unique way, but, most people agree that you can't make significant progress without conducting a long one-on-one session with your inner self to see what he/she desires.

Manifestation VS Meditation: The Differences You've All Missed!

Most people often confuse between manifestation and meditation thinking that they are both the same. That's wrong!

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  • Meditation can be defined as the self-crossed journey into finding inner peace.
  • On the other hand, manifestation can be defined as a recoding process by which a person adjusts his/her default settings to make them more success-driven and less frustration-driven.


  • You don't need to start practicing meditation to enroll in a manifestation program.
  • In meditation, you decide the when, the how, and the why of the whole process before indulging in it. Nevertheless, manifestation can always work as a background process in your unconsciousness zone, meaning; you are manifesting things casually without being aware of that.

Helpful Manifestation Quotes To Help You Make Your Baby Steps In One-Thousands Mile Road

When was the first time did you hear about manifestation? What was your response? Since you are reading a manifestation guidepost, then am suggesting you didn't start things on the go. Here are some few quotes to help you get the motivation you need

Manifestation Quote #1

Future is carrying great gifts for you, get ready to do miracles. Your manifestation will work.

Manifestation Quote #2

Shout out loud, scream, let the universe hear you and know what you want, let the universe know that you are capable of reaching the dreams you pinpointed.

Manifestation Quote #3

Stop waiting for signs, go to the open land of creativity and release the beast beneath, you aren't just normal, you are the master of your game and manifestation is your best weapon to survive.

Manifestation Quote #4

The universe feels you, the universe has reserved a great seat for you among the ever-rising, dreams-driven personalities. All you need is to do step one. MANIFEST.

Manifestation Quote #5

Declare your success, repeat the words out loud, leave your comfort zone, and start manifesting, you got it, you are the king of your game.

Benefits Of Manifestation

Daily Manifestation

  • Manifestation Removes The Clouded Vision You Have

Let's face it, vision straightforwardness isn't a default option in everyone's personality. We all have the blockers that veil us from seeing the whole picture. “The whole picture” is all that manifestation about. When manifestation is backed-up by clear and strong pre-defined goals, your final destination will be limitless and your goals will be at handy.

  • Manifestation Has The Ability To Change Your Whole Mindset

Your current mindset is what got you here at this moment so there is no point of sticking to it if you were hoping for any kind of future change.

Manifestation has a magical power that can shift your decision-making capability to the point where you experience new thinking, new power, and a load of ambition.

  • Manifestating Makes You Compassionate With Yourself

Manifestation makes you less judgmental, it makes you more accepting of your true self at this moment.

When you regularly manifest, you also regularly keep setting goals and keep pushing yourself too hard to do changes, this makes you see the habitual pattern of your mistakes and how should they be avoided.

  • Manifestation Gives You A Sense Of Hope

Hope is what we all need to see things from the right perspective. When you manifest you get a fulfilling sense of hope that you will do that thing at that time. Sometimes that “hope” is all you need to do miracles.

Master The Game With These Techniques Of Manifestation

  1. The Pillow Technique

From the scale of 1 to 10, how much can you describe your level of authenticity with your pillow! The pillow technique requires you to be honest regarding what you want. Once you've decided your desires, place a list of paper with these desires under your pillow exactly before you rest at night.

Why would this help? You might ask. Here is why

  • It helps you re-filament your subconscious mind when you go to sleep.
  • This is among the very powerful techniques of manifestation due to its positive triggers that affect your mind and dream state.
  1. Program Your Subconscious Mind

Subconscious mind functions in its strange way. Without manifestation, you have no say regarding what kind of processes that goes deep down in your core mind. Rewriting and programming your subconscious mind isn't as hard as it looks, all you need is to have affirmative desires and a sense of control.

Listening to positive tracks might help you to manifest and change your inner code a little bit. I recommend using a program called 15 Minute Manifestation. This program is full of helpful audio tracks that could enhance your focusing power and improves your capacity to do changes (deep-level personality kind of changes).

  1. 5×55 Method

The 5×55 method is among the very helpful techniques of manifestation. There is no wonder why this technique is trending worldwide when it comes to manifestation. It simple and easy, here is all that you need to do if you want your desires to come true in only 5 days

1) Know what you want exactly and don't change your mind about it.

2) Take a pen and a white piece of paper.

3) Write down your specific pre-defined goal 55 times!

4) Repeat this process for 5 days in a row.

5) Observe the results and watch the magic of your manifestation happens.

  1. The 2 cups technique of manifestation

What if I tell you that all you need to manifest your dreams into reality is just 2 glasses of water! As odd as it might seem, this strange method is among the very effective techniques of manifestation.

The idea behind this famous method is to drink water from a glass or cup labeled with the affirmative or wish you are seeking to achieve.

The power of this manifestation technique relies on the absorption of energy when we drink water from that glass, this energy can later be used as a weapon to fight your way through your manifestation path, the path where dreams come true.

Here is what you need to do the 2 cups method

  • 2 cups of glass.
  • Water.
  • Notes (2 small pieces of paper).
  • Marker or pen.

Here is how you can manifest using this technique

  • Using your marker, write down your goals (the reasons why you want to manifest in the first place) in one piece of paper and your current situation (the progress you have made till now in achieving those goals) in the other.
  • The second step is to stick each piece of paper in one of the glasses you have.
  • After that, pour some water into the first glass (the glass labeled with your current situation).
  • Later, pour water into the second glass (the glass with your desires).
  • That's it! Now all you need to do is to drink the water and see the manifestation happens.
  1. The Cinematic Method (The Movie Technique)

Do you love watching movies? That's great! This one of the manifestation techniques that is designed specifically for you.

Looking Up Manifestation techniques

Here is what you have to do to manifest your way to success using this method:

  • Pick a movie

When picking a movie, you shouldn't focus only on the things that you love, instead, choose movies that share a common interest in your desire.

For example, if your purpose behind the manifestation is to become a musician, then you should watch the 2019 masterpiece Yesterday.

  • Choose a character in that movie that resembles you

In this example, you will be Jack Malik.

  • Repeat, using different scenarios
  1. Use The Visualization Technique

Are you starting to get bored with those techniques of manifestation? Do you want a 100% guaranteed method? I won't say this is the one, but if I have to place my bet on one, this would be it.

Visualization technique has been used for ages to achieve different kinds of goals and it works best if you knew what you want to be and painted a picture of that future figure in the center of your mind.

  1. The Method Of Focused Actions

This is a straightforward go-to method in manifestation. Here, you have to incorporate the soldier lying beneath and send him/her in a new duty, a manifestation-type of duties.

For self-guided culminating actions to occur, you need be – like the name of the method implies – focused, meaning; focused on the goals and directions that you will later architect your go-to actions upon.

This is one of the very promising techniques of manifestation and there is no reason why it won't do its effects on you if you planed-carefully with a dual-mind character, the success-driven mind, and the fulfillment-guided mind.

Here Is A Bonus Advice For You

The techniques of manifestation list are ever-expanding to the point that one blog post isn't enough to cover them all. If you are still in hunger for more pro techniques, this last one might be the suitable one for you

  • The Stating Method

The “word” is the most powerful tool of expression. It can work like a poison, a weapon, or a million-dollar gift. Then why not take advantage of this power to reach your destination and to succeed in manifestation?

Use the power of words in stating out loud your manifestation aim. You don't need to act shy or hesitating. This is a part of the process, the most important part of the process.

Clear a few minutes of your daily schedule and make them “stating minutes”. Sit with yourself in a quiet space and keep saying “I will do it”.

Key Takeaways

The techniques of manifestation were been used for a long time ago and surprisingly the results were always flourishing. Manifestation isn't a scam nor a quick path to wealth (if money was a dream). Manifestation is a simple, easy-to-learn, and gradual path to code your inner self into believing in success. At the end of the day, what you believe in have a great impact on your behavior, and your current behavior is what got you here in the first place, so why not change it?

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