Knowing Your Worth? – How To Build More Confidence and Self Worth?

Knowing your worth, self confidence what is it, where does it come from and how do you get it? There is not a particular formula that can be sought out or fabricated. It can be illusive for most and some have tried various means of attaining it though a hairstyle, a “look” or social acceptance. Truth is you can have an abundance of money, loyal followers and a successful career but it does not mean you will have self confidence.

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You probably have met or know someone who has a false sense of self confidence; the “one upper” who knows more or has more than you do, or the individual who “says all the right things” but somehow still comes across arrogant or dishonest. You can try to fake self confidence but others will see the truth in you. Self confidence is honest, modest and is compelling to others.

Self confidence is an attribute that allows you to believe in yourself and the ability to accept yourself regardless of your imperfections. It will give you a sense of presence. Self confidence is a belief in your own self worth, your own value and the knowledge that you have something to offer to others.

How do you find this belief? You begin with identifying what sets you apart from everyone else and what you have to offer. Once you identify what this quality or attribute is, you begin to grow it and cultivate it by applying it in everyday life for your enhancement.

You must believe in yourself in order for others to learn to believe in YOU. Believing in yourself and your own worth will bring about the self confidence you will need to succeed in selling yourself and achieve your own personal and professional aspirations!

Know Your Self Worth

An important part of change is understanding who we are and what we value. Getting to this point of understanding takes work, sometimes pain and maybe some shocking moments of revelation. In traveling this road, we become stronger and clearer about what we want. In addition, we learn something else. We come to know what we do not want. That is powerful information. Knowing where we draw our line in the sand is a power play that is ours to use when the moment is right.

To understand and be confident in the value you possess will allow you to be clear about when it is time to take a stand, draw a line in the sand or make a move. “Knowing your worth” is power and you possess it. If “your self worth” is buried somewhere in your mind and you have not looked for it in a while, dig for it. It is there. Keep digging. It is there.

“Knowing your worth” is a fantastic life screen that you can apply when deciding whether to ask for more money when negotiating salary. “Knowing your worth” is the logic you apply when you decide the person you are dating is not really worthy of you and using you. “Knowing your worth” is the screen you apply when you evaluate if you are spending time with folks who do not share your value system. There is a time to compromise, but this is not the time. You know your worth and you step. You step out of a situation or relationship that is not worthy of you.

“Know your worth”. Say it aloud or shout it if you need more power behind it. Put it in your permanent bank of wisdom. It is a keeper. I purchased ‘The Joy Luck Club’ for less than twenty dollars, but it is priceless. I think I will watch it again tonight.

When You Build Self Confidence – Benefits and Reasons

Many people who set out to build their self confidence do so because they lack much self esteem. They may or may not even know why they lack this self esteem but they do know that if they build up their self confidence they will feel much better about themselves and that they will enjoy fuller and happier lives.

Everyone around you notices when you do not have very high self confidence. It shows in the way that you walk, act, and even in your facial expressions. If you need to build your self confidence you probably tend to walk a little slower than most other people and you may keep your head looking down at their ground. A head that is held high is a sign of a person who has a lot of self confidence and self esteem.

If you lack self confidence then you probably also do not smile very often, or your smiles are subdued. You may not even like your smile or the way you look when you grin, but smiling is a clear sign of happiness, and happiness can only be had if a person has some self confidence and self esteem.

You may even act gloomy if you have low self confidence because you do not feel like you are a happy person. If you do not feel like you have much self worth then you most likely feel like you are not good enough to be happy and you do not easily find things to be happy about in your daily life.

The people around you want you to be happy but they do not know that the reason for your lack of happiness is in your lack of self confidence. They may even blame themselves for your unhappiness. This is definitely not something that you want to have happen and you probably want to be a lot happier.

If you have been feeling like you could improve your life by having better self esteem and a happier outlook on life, you can easily and quickly build your self confidence by reading books on the matter.

How to Build Self Confidence in Three Easy Steps

First and foremost, resolve to spend the time it will take to learn how to build self confidence. Over time and with patience you will reap enormous benefits.

Just imagine…

  • The ease with which you will make the most of your natural talents with self-confidence.
  • Everything in life becoming easier and less frightful.
  • Furthering your career.
  • Achieving personal and life goals.

By learning how to build self confidence you will use your skills and talents to ensure that you achieve this and much more. To start off here are some simple guidelines on to build self confidence.


1) Know Yourself

knowing your worth

Step one – take the time to get to know yourself inside out, to start the process of learning how to build self confidence. A lack of self confidence is often caused by taking the opinions of others to heart, and allowing your self-worth to be determined by your situation. Develop a method that will allow you to tune out distractions and focus on your inner dialogue. One way to do this is by writing down your thoughts, and in the process deciding what is most important to you. You will realize, as you are doing this, that learning how to build self confidence is often a matter of self-discovery rather than one of changing yourself. Many people also find that doing research on how the body and mind works, and thereby understanding the science and complexities of the mind, very helpful. Thereby you gain a much deeper awareness of who you truly are. You should also find it much easier to complete the nest step in building self confidence.

2) Exercise Self Control

Step two – develop the ability to control your thoughts and inner dialogue, to continue the very satisfying process of learning how to build self confidence. Developing self control is essential, and it can only be developed through deliberate mental training – similar to become more physically fit by physical training and exercise. People often fail to develop self control because they mistakenly regard it as limiting their freedom. The truth is exactly the opposite. By exercising more control over your actions and thoughts, you can draw on this to help you achieve more of what you want in your life.

3) Give of Yourself

Step three – find ways to use your increasing self confidence to help others. In the process of moving forward, learning how to build self confidence, getting to know yourself, and gaining more self control it is natural to start looking for ways to help others – to give back.

The need to help others fulfills a spiritual need which you have in common with everyone – the desire for a sense of purpose. This will also increase how you appreciate yourself and your value.

Think about this. Many people are insecure and withdraw from others, which is nothing less than self rejection. Make a contribution to those around you, think beyond yourself, your insecurities and hardships, and thereby find your purpose.

If you take the time to practice these simple steps, you will grow. You should become the best you can be – the person who was always inside you, yearning to be released. Now, freed from being restricted by a lack of knowledge and having developed self confidence, the true magnificent you will emerge.

Hopefully this articles helps you with knowing your worth. Have a great self confident life, and please remember, it is most important issue that you never give up and do what it takes to learn how to build self confidence.

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