How to Make an Inspiring and Motivating Vision Board?

Ideas For A Vision Board!ideas for a vision board

It is essential in this fast-moving world that you always remember your personal and professional goals and think about how to achieve them. You might be thinking, how can you always focus on your goals and remind yourself what you want to accomplish in life? Well, here I am to guide you on the easiest way to list down your goals and motivate yourself every time to pursue those goals.

The thing which I am talking about is a dream board, or you can say a vision board. This vision board will be your guide for future goals. It will contain your goals, motivational pictures, and quotes that will always inspire you to get up and work towards your ambitions and will never make you feel down.

Gear up yourself, get a poster board from any art and craft store, decide a background for it, and follow the ideas for a vision board discuss below. In the end, you will have a vision board to look at that will be reflecting all the things you want to achieve in your life and will always be at the wall to inspire and encourage you.

1.     Add the List of Goals you Want to Achieve

Let’s not plan for long-term goals. List down the things you want to achieve in the next 12 months. Start with the research, see which activities catch your interest, do intrapersonal communication, and explore about yourself and what exactly you want with your life.

Align the goals in the order of your preference on your vision board and draw a checkbox so that you can check each goal that you have achieved. Adding goals on your vision board will always remind you what you want to accomplish and what direction you have to work in to fulfill your dreams.

2.     Add Pictures that Reflects your Goals and Motivates you

You might not want to make your vision board look boring. Well, one of the ideas for vision board to make it look creative and appealing is to add pictures in it. Collect old magazines that have images for your dream board. Select pictures from the magazines that you think represent your goals and cut them out.

The step will be highly beneficial to motivate you to buckle up yourself and work as pictures speak in their own way. Select such images that, when you look at them again, make you feel all motivated that this is what you want from your life.  In pursuing this step, you might come across innovative ideas for achieving your goals.

3.     Add Motivational Quotes that Keeps you Going

Having motivation will be the most important thing for you to accomplish your goals. There might be some lines that you read for once, but you always remember them whenever you feel down or demotivated. Select these types of motivational quotes from the internet or books, write them on colorful papers and place the quotes on different areas of your dream board. The motivational quotes should be those that have the power to cheer you up and helps you in realizing the need for fulfilling the dreams.

Motivational quotes are one of the ideas for a vision board that have the highest weightage in fulfilling the purpose of the dream board. The quotes will inspire you to work hard as nothing is unachievable and motivate you to search for ways to fulfill your dreams. You can also use powerful “I Am” Statements!

4.     Add your Photo in the Middle of the Vision Board

One of the best ideas for a vision board is to place your happy picture in the center. Want to know what that picture will do? That picture will always remind you that you deserve all the happiness in the world, and you have to work hard and earn a smile for your self by pursuing your dreams.

You can also place your family’s photo if your goals are for them. The picture will always influence and inspire you to get back to work and search for the direction that will lead you towards your dreams.

Choose a slightly big picture and place it in the center of your vision board. Align your list of goals, motivational pictures, and inspirational quotes on the sides of the image. The final look of the vision board will reflect that you are clear with your 12 months goals, and you have found things that will inspire you to work every day and will motivate you every time you look at the board.

5.     Leave Some Blank Spaces

A person’s mind always works. Thus, You will continuously develop new goals and new ideas to accomplish your goals. You may find time to time motivational pictures or quotes that you would think are a must for your vision board.

For this, leave some blank spaces so that whenever you encounter the right thing, you can paste it on your dream board without changing the position of other stuff. You can also write your essential views on the dream board and, for this reason, leave an ample amount of space while setting up your vision board.

6.     Spend Time on your Vision Board Daily

Morning quotes of affirmation

After creating your dream board based on the ideal vision board mentioned above, the crucial thing now is to spend time on your vision board daily. Choose such a place for your vision board, which you see many times in a day. Spend a few minutes reviewing your vision board either in the morning before doing anything or at night right before sleeping.

The ritual of reviewing your board will help you in reminding what your goals are and what you want from life. The visual board we have created will be the one you can look at whenever you feel low or demotivated. The quotes and the pictures will boost your morale and encourage you to get back to your tasks as you have to catch your dreams in minimal time.

Final Thoughts

I am pretty confident that the tips and ideas for vision board I have discussed above will lead you to a highly inspirational and goal-oriented dream board. So now what are you waiting for? Collect all the required material and start creating your vision board. Trust me, it will help a lot in fulfilling your goals, and it will be the corner that you will look for to get your energy back and feel all motivated and enthusiastic.

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