What Is The 5×55 Method? (How To Use The 5×55 Manifestation Method)

The 5×55 method of manifestation

5x55 methodAre you motivated to get a head start on manifesting your heart’s desire and perfect reality? Good! In this article we will share an ancient and powerful manifestation technique that we’ve used to manifest huge gains called the 5×55 method of manifestation. For those who can dedicate the next five days towards themselves, and there manifesting, they will change their reality in a huge way. So the question is do you have 20-40 minutes to spend on manifesting over the next five days?

Carrying out these small steps sets off a domino affect in the Law of Attraction, it tells the Universe that you are ready and willing to commit to yourself, and to the desires of your heart and soul.

In this article we will break this technique into easy-to-use chunks, everyone can do this method of manifestation!

Materials needed:

  • A pen, no pencils allowed, purple, blue, or red ink is especially powerful for manifesting.
  • Next you need a journal, or a dozen or more pieces of paper, lined paper is preferred. It is advisable that you dedicate a journal specifically to using this technique, but all you need to start is any old paper!
  • 20-40 minutes of peace.
  • Peaceful music, probably piano or ambient music.
  • Scented candles, incense, smudge stick, etc. Just stuff to up the vibes!
  • Something to drink not alcohol though.

A quiet place in your home with high vibrations, or spending time outside in the fresh air can up the vibes automatically.

STEP ONE: Set your goal!

In order to start manifesting you need to set your powerful intention. We're not talking about stuff like “I manifest my Twin Flame Union” or “I manifest $500”. Those won't just cut it, powerful intentions talk about the emotion behind the manifestation.

Now your first step is to write it down: Now you have to ask, what are you trying to manifest? Try and keep it simple, are you trying to manifest love, abundance, joy? You need to think about what you want to focus on for the next 5 days.

If you have done that, you now have to write out five lovely intentions that match what you’re trying to manifest. We are talking about five ways for your manifestation to come into your reality. While you are doing this, be sure to add emotions to this manifestation, and manifest as though it has already happened. Ensure that you make the affirmation something you don’t mind writing 55 times in a row, and positive vibes only! Know that this is just a rough draft, you’ll get to edit it one more time before you start

The main principle behind powerful intentions is to try and present gratitude for your manifestation as though it’s already happened. After this you should state how the manifestation makes you feel.

Let’s look at some examples.

For those who are trying to manifest a relationship:

  • Giving thanks for being in a state of Love and harmony with my Divine Partner/(Insert Name Here). I am grateful for having love and joy in my life.
  • I am grateful to the Universe for the loving communication I received from my Divine Partner/(Insert Name Here). I am very happy our clear communication.
  • I am overwhelmed with excitement and gratitude for the Divine Union myself and my Divine Partner/(Insert Name Here) share. My eternal thanks, Universe!
  • Thank you Universe for allowing me to meet my Divine Partner/(Insert Name Here), and I feel excitement to see what comes next!
  • I am very grateful for the Love and self love I have received in my life! At this moment, i truly and abundantly loved and blessed.

For those who are trying to manifest Abundance:

  • I feel thankful for the abundance I have received and I feel peace and joy in my abundant life.
  • At this moment I am happy for the (insert dollar amount) I have received, and I feel excited for the opportunities this brought me!
  • Today I am grateful for the new lucrative opportunities that came my way, plus I feel joy moving forward into my abundance.
  • I appreciate the raise I received at my job today. Going forward, feel comfortable and validated in my position.

I feel very grateful to have financial security! I now know i am loved and trusted by the Universe.

It does not matter if you “borrow” the intentions used here, just re-write them in your own words. Once you understand them, you can may make longer intentions, or shorter intentions, just remember to include the intention, gratitude, and the feeling the intention brings. For added touch, you may also set a date, if you so choose, but I recommend not setting a date if your manifestation involves someone else.

STEP TWO: Choose one intention!

For obvious reasons, you can only focus on one intention at a time. So you now have to pick the intention that brings you the most joy, and that you most want to write 55 times a day. To accomplish this, you might want to read each of your written intentions out loud, and feel which one feels right in your heart and soul.

After you've picked the one, re-write it one last time, and feel free to make edits or make it shorter.

STEP THREE: Make use of the 5X55 method

After waking up each morning try and find time in which you can sit down and completely focus on this manifestation. Remember to  perform this only in a high vibrational space. And, performing this task should not feel like homework, it should feel fun, and exciting.

Next step is to take your pen, journal and write out your intention 55 times and as you write, feel the energies of this intention. Try and imagine your intention as though it has already manifested. Visualize the smile on your face, and the feeling of being excited. Try and let yourself embrace this intention more and more!

manifestation techinque

Endeavor to pause if it begins to feel like work, if you get stuck in your head space, are doubting the intention, etc. After some time, you can come back and continue your writing when you are feeling in a more high vibrational state. Remember, don't be afraid to stop and do shadow work and heal the doubts, and then return.

Try not skip a day, because if you do, you must start over. The 5×55 method is very powerful when you write the intention 55 times at the same time, but if you need to stop for any reason you can return as long as it is within the same day.

As you continue to write, your hand will hurt less, and the less it will feel like work. Go for it! you can do it

Perform these activities five days in a row, always feeling the high vibrations and feeling and visualizing your intention.

STEP FOUR: let go!

The final lap to any manifestation is to let go of the outcome, the timing, and surrender. Major goals or outcomes may make more time. If you want, you can to burn or rip up the papers, or you may feel guided to hide the journal in a safe space. After doing this, forget about the manifestation, let go and give the intention to God.

After the whole process, you may start with another manifestation technique, another intention for the 5×55 method, or change the focus on other aspects of life.

As you go on, try to follow your intuition during this time! This part too, is a part of letting go.

Daily Manifestation


The 5×55 method of manifestation is retrains your subconscious mind to be open to and accept your heart’s desires!

Plus the 5×55 method combines affirmations, visualizations, and ultimately teaches surrender.

This method brings daily commitment to your manifestation, and to yourself, and it helps you vibrate in alignment with that which you are manifesting.


Be sure to listen to music without lyrics, or music that relates to your manifestation, when this is being done.

Ensure that you write the same intention over and over again, repetition is key.

We repeat reader, only work with one intention at a time, as this shows full commitment to what you’re manifesting.

As you perform these tasks, you should feel the energies that you want to feel around your intention.



The 5×55 method is a powerful technique that has been used be thousands of people to manifest their dreams or goal. So if you're all for achieving your goals then this is one method you should try.

You should know that although it takes 5 days to complete, it is by no chance an easy task. It takes discipline and dedication, but when you're done, you will be glad you did complete it. So there you have it folks, good luck!!

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